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at the numbers right now. 61 in livermore 59 linking up in oakland as we check out futurecast for you can see by lunchtime of that on is on the screen in ticket indicates the '80s. that red indicates 90 are ready for the livermore valley and as we push the clock into your afternoon highs check out of that red that starts to phillip on your screen indicating ninth degree readings. so is it will be a scorcher if you want to leave you will probably want to get to the beaches. we will see sunshine and '70s for even are coolest bay area locations. checkout mount view led 90 degrees 89 on tap for sunnyvale 92 in san jose. we are talking triple digit readings 100 and fairfield 102 and then bill. livermore climb to 101. plenty of sunshine and the north bay 92 to 95 for napa. mid-70s or ocean beach 87 expected in oakland. fit >> we will continue as unseasonably warm conditions test tomorrow. it will start to cool down to integers in the upper 80s fleer warmest inland areas. check out thursday friday in fact are warm spots will only be in the '70s. quite the difference for what we are experiencing toda
area hot spots triple digits i'm talking hundred in danville and hundred and one in livermore. we will get pretty close to 100 degree readings in pleasanton at antioch and walnut creek. the expected afternoon highs coming up in just a bit, robin? >> heading into san francisco is quickly backing up the bay bridge toll plaza. make sure to give yourself lots of extra time this morning. the fasttrack lands and i since moved but if you are paying cash you will see a white beard. the drive time has increased to 15 minutes. east bay traffic is not too bad highway 4 is getting broader around the antioch area. south bay traffic looks good on the peninsula you are still trouble-free. 101 and 280 are still checking in pretty light. 11 is at the limit. >> the developing story is changes in store for san mateo park street elementary school. last week there was an attempted abduction on campus where a little girl did get away from an attacker who groped her and tried to take her off campus. they have made changes that parents and students will notice, will tran is live on the scene. >> one of t
the calendar may say fall but it felt more like summer. an is live in livermore which was just a few degrees shave the record for this day. >> reporter: there was a classic car show here today and while the cars were cool, the car lover was hot and with temperatures in the high 90's people were forced to bring water and hats and shades when they could. with the sun beating down and temperatures shooting up, residents did what they could to keep cool. >> just go with it. i'm all wet. i will dry off. >> reporter: the fountain a way to keep the kids happy while adults checked out the day. the heat couldn't keep people away from the classic cars. >> looks like a good crowd. >> think it's -- we will probably be heading inside or doing something else. republican the temperatures near record setting here in livermore. perhaps the start of indian summer. firefighters say it should be a time of extra caution. both in terms of personal safety and fire safety. >> we are in a higher fire danger, normally this time of year we have the hot dry weather, we are lucky today we don't have the strong off s
a record high livermore, 100-degree heat today. the old record, 99, set back in 1957. it was 97 in santa rosa, 94 in san rafael. san francisco 84 degrees and morgan hill reached a high of 93. we will definitely have warmer temperatures tomorrow. in fact, right now livermore is still at 99. we have 73 right now in san francisco. a look ahead coming up. >> thank you very much, leigh. >> well, you won't hear that question paper or plastic anymore. beginning tomorrow at every grocery store in san francisco a new law goes on the book at midnight. it outlaws most retailers from packing merchandise into plastic bags. customers will pay ten cents for every paper or compostable bag they use. >> san francisco just keeps getting a little more expensive it sounds like. >> people want a paper bag, it's ten cents. hopefully it's not too big of a deal for them. >> city leaders hope the new law will force consumers to be more ecofriendly and carry reusable tote bags with them on shopping trips. san francisco's existing plastic bag ban applies only to chain grocery and drug stores. the new law will cover
is going to be one of those days will will be almost a carbon copy of yesterday's. livermore, concord, santa rosa and napa those locations be the record yesterday and could very well do it again today. >> is it going to be another hot one so this morning clear skies just like yesterday. will start loading up fast. already see to it to the '60s. we are even antioch coming in at 70 degrees. funny and still hot this afternoon triple digit weather. the majority of the bay area is going to be sweating under '80s and '90s and that includes communities right up against the bay waters as well. so here are some of the hottest of the jews were expected today danville 101, when hundreds even at livermore, 100 and fairfield. 97 and lost gatos. justice scorcher of a day in the east bay mainly but off the hot near the water. right around a piece of bomb the water in their nineties in an about three in the afternoon there will be on last time of the day you see widespread 90s in were talking anywhere from 96 through 98 degrees. if you want relief you once again have to head out to the beaches were l
program that livermore's college turning out a whole new vintage of winemakers. >> working out in the elements, i mean, come on. who's going to have insomnia when you have a day job like this. right? >> weighing the fruits. hand sort it and clean it. >> reporter: a romance to the idea of working und are the open skies crafting fine wine, but in the journey from vine to bottle, instructor david everitt reveals the reality. >> i always teach them, it's impossible to make great wine out of poor fruit, but it's very, very possible to make poor wine out of grapefruit. >> we have finally got space for our eknowledge students to do eanalysis. >> reporter: the program blossom in the last eight years with its own 3.56 acre vineyard, an old science classroom is now devoted to the science of wine. >> pushing the envelope, trying to find that magic, you know, golden egg that's going to really help to bring livermore to its rightful place. >> reporter: the program draws everyone from amateurs to industry pros, like jack brinders brar. >> every season is unique. you can be stuck in an office
. the oldest case in san francisco dated back to 1957. the most recent case last year in livermore. the cities mentioned in the files range from gilroy, santa rosa, and pacifica to concord. you can take a look at the documents yourself on our website. you'll find a link at nbc bay >>> a statewide search is on for a 15-year-old sonoma county girl, abducted by her godfather. ruby cruz mendosa was walking with a friend yesterday when a car pulled up with a suspect in the passenger seat. 29-year-old carmona used to live with the family, apparently moved out when the parents realized he and the teenager were having a physical relationship. yesterday afternoon police say carmona shoved the girl's friend to the ground. and the gray two-door compact car drove off with ruby inside. investigators say she may have gone voluntarily. >>> did you see it? it looked like a rocket, didn't it? blasting across the sky. it was mesmerizing for those of you who happened to look up in the sky at the time. a meteor that stunned the bay area. now, some people on the ground are looking for evidence. we bring
at lawrence livermore lab are using the smallest slivers of evidence to identify victims of natural disasters and murders. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez got a rare behind the scenes look. >> reporter: it is truly remarkable technology. top minds here at the lawrence livermore laboratory have figured out a new way to help law enforcement solve cases. it involves examining teeth and it could some day play a crucial role in solving murder mysteries. scientists at lawrence livermore laboratory are diving into new territory, teaming up with law enforcement to solve cold cases. >> for the most part the technique is not well known because it's not part of the usual tool box of techniques law enforcement uses. >> reporter: but that may soon change thanks to the work of senior scientist bruce buchholz. his research revealed above ground testing of nuclear weapons in the 1950s and 1960s has left radioactive carbon sealed into enamel of people's teeth. by testing dental remains using a device called an accelerator he can pinpoint a birth date within one to two years helping police identify victims of cr
with 102 degrees expected in danville, livermore. with closer to the triple digits also and walnut creek. and more on your afternoon forecast and what is expected in just a bit. >> good morning. still a little bit difficult near the bay bridge toll plaza and a fresh crash at the pay gates. allow yourself some extra times it is backed all the way up to the maze. the meter and lights have been activated. the meeting hal meeting in lights. also, the west tech is difficult. with highway no. 4 busy to antioch, and still difficult to walnut creek. south paid not that bad a little bit slow out of san jose northbound port sunnyvale. the 280 looking decent and a little bit slow in the north bay. if you are on the 101 from heliports novado give yourself some extra time them we're following developing stories. these are cases that they will not here during this session. proposition 8, the same-sex marriage ban in california. it is not on the list. the will have this if it would have been on... pace? same sex would have been illegal in the state of california. however, it would have gone back to th
-new record set today in livermore, 100 degrees. shattered the old record established in 1952. good evening. let's share with you the highs across the bay area, today, 80 at the beach in pacificca. 84 degree fist san francisco, that is 22 degrees warmer than it was yesterday at this hour. triple digits livermore, san skwroes a upping the average high, 82, i know what you want to know. tomorrow's highs. because it will be a hotter day tomorrow than what we experienced today. all of the way back up to 80 along the coast, 90s peninsula, 98 degrees morgan hill. east bay will climb all of the way up to 100 degrees in the hottest locations, recollect wise, north of the bay, talking 98 in santa rosa. we will pinpoint the neighborhood forecast. that is coming up later in the program. >> thanks. >>> well, a new poll shows that californians are reluctant to abolish the death penalty. the los angeles times poll shows 38% of voters favor getting rid of it and 51% want to keep t. however, that gap narrows when voters are told the ballot issue will require convicted killers to work in prison and give the
page >> the rumors proved true >> job seekers line up in livermore. the big business that could put them back to work. >>> dry weather prevailed. more weather on the way, we'll have the time line for your area and whether it will impact game one of world series. . thirty-eight. schools. trouble, we all should help out. under thirty-eight they do. more a year. bucks. money for schools. every school dollar must be... spent on student learning. student wins. vote yes on thirty-eight. >>> apple debuted its new i pad mini. it has a 7.9-inch screen, a little bigger than competitors, kindle fire. price is bigger. it starts at $329, compared to under $200 for the other devices. apple will start to take orders on friday >> google launching two new computers of their own next monday. google is planning to offer a now 10-inch tablet wells. the company is reportedly going to unveil a new android smart phone built by lg. >> >> job opportunities growing in the east bay thanks to one mega sized development bringing hundreds of jobs to livermore. >> reporter: the behind today was out the door and a
in liver livermore they're breaking the old record of 99 set back in 1992. we have most of our cloud cover down to the south. we could have a patch or two develop. but for the most part with the lack of the marine layer, temperatures once again we're expecting another hot to warm day on monday. that spare the air day in place for monday. take a look at that big temperature range from the mid- 70s at the coast. the warmest locations inland approaching 100 to 101 degrees. coming up we'll let you know if any records will be dropping. >>> ktvu's cara liu reports the city approved event turned into several calls to police. >> that was so fun. >> reporter: but not everyone was happy the rave went until 2:00 a.m. >> i was like when is this going to end. i was really, i was very angry. >> reporter: rena pavao says her house rattled and the noise was abnoxious. even though she lives two miles from. >> here at steve's home. it was a similar story. >> the medicine cabinet was shaking. you could hear the thumping pretty good. i was a little upset that it was an outdoor event that lasted until 2:00. i
the week. biggest jump san jose up to 90 four, san francisco 86, 101 yesterday livermore record high 101 today one degree shy of a record going to feel the same santa rosa drops one degree fremont maybe two still in the low to mid 90s threw won't notice the difference low to mid 90s south bay, -- 95, warmer in campbell, mid to upper 80s most of the peninsula, redwood city 93° today. low to mid 70s half moon bay and pacifica, upper 70s dailiy and sunset. sausalito 88. mid to upper 70s beaches mid to upper 80s most of the peninsula i should say east bay shore. upper 90s, dangerous weather drink plenty fluids if you are working outside inland valleys. [ unintelligible ] 90 watsonville, 76 monterey, here's that coliseum forecast, rangers and a's go at 87:05, 70° dropping to six i -- 60 by the end of the game. thursday around 16 to 20° cooler coast to inland cooler saturday, sunday. >>> good morning. if you you are headed to the game, expect delays, 880 around the coliseum jams before and after. right now san mateo bridge looking good tail lights towards the highrise eastbound, headlights
's an accident blocking lane two, slowing traffic as i head from livermore we'll be following that. -- if you are headed out now, drive times from the altamont pass and also 880 towards the maze and your carquinez bridge to the maze commute. here's lisa with the forecast. >>> good morning. partly cloudy to cloudy skies around the bay. the onshore flow and clouds temperatures are mild to start -- at the coast near 60 sun not coming up for another hour by noontime, try to see a little sun upper 50s to low 60s by 4:00, onshore flow continues and we'll look for more cooling with temperatures dropping into the 50s around the bay, starting out with partly cloudy to mild conditions upper 50s mid to upper 60s to low 70's for afternoon highs inland valleys we have clouds and we'll look for 70s by noontime near 80 by 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon. then you too will look for more in the way of low clouds and fog overnight tonight. >>> developing news from vallejo. police are still trying to figure out why a man would have killed two of his neighbors. police say a 65-year-old man shot and killed two of his
through the morning. you can see the drying trend on the radar. going to head across livermore possibly pleasanton, diablo range, milpitas, san jose to morgan hill if it holds together that's where the best chance of any showers will be over the next hour or so. damp and drizzle through the morning, 50s dry by noon sunny spots will develop in the latter parts of the afternoon 50s along the coast mid to upper 60s 4:00 around the bay and inland everybody needs a coat during the afternoon, damp, fog will start to form during the evening temperatures 58 at the coast low to mid 60s around the bay and inland. next couple of days warming trend tomorrow brighter and drier and then you start to feel the warm push sunday, especially monday into next week could be warmer than this. >>> good morning. problems with muni, delay west portal structure fire near the tunnel they are stopping muni trains switching back bus bridge in place expect muni metro delays west portal area switching back with a bus bridge in place for muni no other mass transit problems. roadwork eastbound 4 at loveridge, getting s
wrap up friday. livermore 71. oakland still 72. and san jose 64 degrees. radar is clear. we'll stay clear for a while. high pressure hanging out to the north and west. that's a great spot because winds by rule of nature always flow clockwise by high pressure. we'll follow the clock around and get a northwest flow of air. that's about as perfect as it gets. if you like rainfall maybe you will like next week when low pressure moves n timing isn't great. tens of thousands of kids want to knock on your door for candy on halloween. that's when the rain is about to scheduled to arrive. for tomorrow saturday starting off the weekend beautifully even downtown san francisco 70 degrees. 78 for concord and livermore. san jose 75. and pacifica 66 degrees. mainly sunny skies both weekend days. low 80s inland sunday. showers return for halloween and thursday. that is your cbs 5 forecast. >>> coming up, in tonight's consumerwatch, why california couches will soon come with warning labels. >> governor, can i talk to you for a minute please? why won't you look at any of the tape we have on caltrans?
-valley with current numbers from 97 in walnut creek to 97 in daniel and 99 in livermore. numbers have started to go down slightly from the peak today where we did top out at 103 in gilroy. 102 in walnut creek, and 100 in livermore. let's take you live outside of the hd sky camera network. we do have some blue skies in san jose. the winds trying to shift a little bit more to an onshore flow as keeping some of the haze down. but that air quality is suffering. as we get you back to the weather boards, heat is going to stay with us for tuesday that will keep that fire danger up there. a few 100s expected. but a cool wind will develop over the next 48 hours so. so that is going to improve our air quality a little bit for the east and also the south bay. we're going to talk more about all of this widespread weather, and when we could see our next best chance of showers coming up in the full forecast. >> all right, thank you so much, jeff. >>> the bay area is starting to see signs of economic recovery. home sales are improving and consumering are starting to spend. construction is also picking up in san j
at ground level tonight, we are seeing temperatures in the 50s tomorrow. mid-80s in livermore. that will be cool compared to the middle of the week. a warmup could include some fire danger in the hills. we will talk about this in the forecast when we come back. measures... measure up. money to our schools. "misleading." out here. it. but there's hope. straight to our schools... keeps it there. politicians. yes on thirty-eight. [ female announcer ] introducing yoplait greek 100. 100% new. ♪ 100% greek. 100% mmm... ♪ oh wow, that is mmm... ♪ in fact it's so mmm you might not believe it's a hundred calories. well ok then, new yoplait greek 100. it is so good. ♪ >>> "endeavor" reached its last top at the california science center after a long, slow journey along 12 miles of city streets. the move took 17 hours longer than it was supposed to. vicki vargas from our sister station in los angeles is live with the latest. hello, vicki. >> reporter: good evening, diane. look like they tucked the shuttle in for the night and they have. it is going to a new building in three years
two gas stations right now. >> reporter: this concord station is selling gas for 3.39. in livermore, it's a dollar more a gallon. >> i usually try to go to costco but, you know, a lot of times of it's just everywhere i have time. >> reporter: but everyone has access to website that is direct them to cheaper gas an if you don't shop around, there's little incentive for stations like the one in livermore to drop their prices. do you wonder why everybody is paying those prices height now? >> i think it's a scam or misprint. >> reporter: good news for drivers though. aaa expects the gas prices to go down through thanksgiving and if you would like to see where the lowest gas prices are in your area, go to our website, then you can find a link to lowest gas prices. in concord, ann notarangelo, cbs 5. >>> more bay area headlines. detectives have identified the body found inside a castro valley house that caught fire last week. officers say 58-year-old barbara [ indiscernible ] was attacked and murdered before the fire started. a black 1996 volvo suv was also stolen from the ho
if the temperatures jump up-close to record range. right now it's 97 in livermore, 96 antioch, concord 96 degrees, 88 san rafael. 74 in san francisco and los gatos, 97 degrees. they are up some 16 degrees today and napa up 6 and 12 in fremont. san francisco up 17 degrees from this time yesterday. up 11 in san jose. more high heat tomorrow. a spare the air day is in place for our monday. inland east bay, santa clara valley, that's where the poorest readings will be. we will take a look and see lhen this will coop off coming up. >> thank you. shoppers in san francisco will have to bring their own shopping bags with them or dig up dimes when they go to grocery stars tomorrow. a new city law goes into effect tomorrow making paper or recyclable bags your only choice. there won't be plastic bags. they will also betrayed charge shoppers ten cents for every bag they use. >> it will motivate people to be more environmentally conscious. overall i say it's a good thing. >> city leaders hope the extra charge will encourage people to carry reusable tote bags with them when they go shopping. a busy weekend for the
concord y livermore y palo alto con 73, lecturas entre 6 millas por hora en livermore y san francisco que fue la brisa más fuerte, las próximas 48 horas brisas suaves, condiciones secas en todo el estado con escasa nubosidad, algunas nubes medias en poro siguess de sodoma y vemos el aire seco que invade gran parte del estado con mínimas descendiendo acerca de 65 °, oakland una mínima de 54, mapa con 48 esta noche y algunos necesitarán sus abrigos, con una máxima mañana de 70 con cielos parcialmente nublados casi nada de brisa, entre 70 en oakland y 77 de livermore y concord y en la semana de 70 a 75 y el jueves 81 ° y es todo que tengan una linda noche. >> al regresar todo en noticias y antes que habrá en el mundo de los deportes con william. >> la máquina encontró su camino y el allílider y su campeón con empate y vamos y regresamos en un floflash. >> (♪) >> ---con la victoria sobre los rojos de cincinati Ún fresca en la memoria, los gigantes de san francisco se dieron cita en el con la victoria de ylos rojoroj cincinna cincinnati, practicaron y el ganador de esta etapa
in livermore. now, with all this warmth and a slight offshore wind, only 5 to 10 miles per hour, it has prompted a red-flag fire warning here for the north, east, and also for the south bay hills. it looks like the fire dangler be the highest for the north bay hills. winds from 15 to 25 miles per hour. and also some extremely low humidity into tomorrow morning. are we done with this wind? well, it looks like we're going to have one more day of it with the dry fire winds on thursday. then as we head throughout friday, we'll eventually get a cooler breeze coming our way. but we're not done with the heat yet either. look at this. as we head throughout thursday, we're already forecasting temperatures 95 degrees in livermore. santa rosa at 95. and also san jose at 90. this will be potential record-setting again, especially in the east bay. then as we head throughout next week, here comes another extreme. mid-60s and also some rainfall. let's take you outside to that live hd sky camera network. what you'll find this afternoon is very clear conditions in san francisco with that wind mainly off
will see those 90's for the livermore indicated by the red. those warm conditions will continue. you probably will not need a jacket and should you or strolling through town to town later. let me break down your afternoon highs. today could be one of the warmest days. 80s in sunnyvale. low 90s for pittsburgh, antioch. and san leandro. we are expecting decent weather for the north bay. 87 and petaluma. downtown san francisco. 87 degrees and keeping it in the '70s with comfortable conditions. great for the beach. ocean beach. the citydaly city the kif is at 5:20 with temperatures in the '70s with a little bit breezy. your kron 4 7 day around the bay hot weather is relatively short lived. tomorrow we will continue with that cool down as we transition into the weekend. big changes monday, to stay with wet weather. and primarily in the north bay. temperatures are struggling to get even to moderate levels at the warmest inland areas next week. >> storm damage out of tennessee mobile home residents have been evacuated. you can see this toppled trees as this line of storms continued to move
in pacifica this afternoon. 87 in fremont, 92 in livermore, 92 in san jose but the change is already here and it's visible. we've got a southwesterly breeze blowing reporting 23 miles per hour cooler moisture air beginning to move and temperatures still holding in the 70s, though. 74 fairfield, 78 antioch, 77 livermore. five to ten greezs cooler at this hour than we were 24 hours ago. so today sunny and hot but today was the final day. we have a trough that will be digging in closer to the area for the weekend and we are going to see and feel a notable drop by sunday. upper 60s, low 70s in the forecast for some of the warmer spots. tomorrow morn e we wake up. temtures will be cool once again, santa rosa, napa upper 40s. 56 in hayward. we're already seeing a southerly surge in clouds forming along the coastline so it is going to be a possibility there that we will see them stretch across the bay burning off to the morning hours and giving us sunshine from the afternoon. so sunny, mild to warm weather but definitely not as warm as we have. 75 in oakland, 69 for san francisco, 77 redwood cit
. up to the east bay we go and we see spotty for downtown livermore. you will be driving at one point and then you will hit the rain. you will need to use your wind shield wipers. future cast 4 will lay out the storm and what we can expect into the 7:00 a.m. hour. a lot of the rain has pushed its way south and we will continue to hold on for spotty showers into the afternoon hours. we will check out at 5:00 p.m. and it should be mostly clear. they believe it will be clear as the giants face off and we can see up to 8 in. for elevations of oabove-- >> again the giants will face off against the g tigers. sun that was a mostly sunny conditions and the temperatures will be in the 80s. by monday we will shave off a few degrees and by to stay there will be a another potential for showers. ittle bit of congestion for your ride on 80 westbound. the 580 westbound ride is a little heavier through-- south bay we picked up some slow rise 41 0101. >> ioakland mayor will meet with business owners around the area. this is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. and the mayor is expected to address to the challenge
out by livermore. 70 in san francisco. santa rosa, 82 degrees. we have clear skies right now. but rain is coming back. your seven-day forecast. we'll let you know when it's going to arrive when we come right back. >>> 1 in 88 children born in the united states has autism. but there may be some new hope for families effected by the disorder. as nbc bay area shows us stem cells from core blood are breaking new medical ground. >> reporter: researchers hope what's inside cord blood can reverse the impact of autism. >> now i feel great. and i don't have any pain and i don't have to visit the dra doctor all the time. >> reporter: after all, a core blood treatment cured her sickle cell anemia. it's on the forefront of the first fda clinical trial of its kind investigating whether the stem cells in cord blood may be able to cure autism. >> this initial pilot study will accept 30 children between the ages of 2 and 7 who have a confirmed diagnosis of autism that's not known to be caused by a genetic factor. >> reporter: those children will receive infusions of their own stem cells, which they ca
francisco. still mild inland with 57 degrees right now. clear skies but 56 in livermore and 56 in san jose. forecast, coast coastal clouds overnight. high clouds increase tomorrow. it will be sunny and mild. enjoy it because rain returns for halloween by late wednesday afternoon. high pressure protected this weekend bringing us plenty of sunshine. temperatures in the 70s and 80s and it's going to start to relax a little bit. weak front tomorrow will allow high clouds to venture in and hazy sunshine. this will be the cold front that brings us the showers. here is a look at forecast, tuesday, we are dry and clouds will increase, by wednesday, that cold front starts to sag south. this is 5:00 wednesday afternoon you'll see when the trick or treaters start to go out. rain will pick up and spread from north bay to south bay wednesday night into material morning. >> mid to upper 40s in the north wnria bai. 54 in san francisco. 50 in palo alto. highs tomorrow will come down just a few degrees thanks to the high clouds moving in but still very mild with mid to upper 70s in the east bay. antioch, 7
that orange. that red is symbolizing '90s and livermore, morgan hill. napa, santa rosa. as we go towards this afternoon. by 3:00 p.m. that read will start to fill an. dominating the screen with that red. even a few degrees cooler today possible but still a great day for the beach. . mid 90's in cupertino. and in santa clara triple digits expected but we're not going to break any records possible. still, fairfield, 101 degrees in danville. check out walnut creek. 99 degrees and upper 80s for the east bayshore. '90s in petaluma, novado and downtown san francisco toasty. 83. 73 degrees in ocean beach. and san bruno 83 degrees. you may want to focus fleet week. friday, morning fog to contend with but it should be clear. saturday, the mid '60s. and again another day of fog we will definitely see a cooler start for that morning. but that fog will burn off. conditions, however are nothing compared to where seemed recently your kron 4 7 day around the bay and noticeably cooler conditions. for tomorrow, and we will continue with that cooling trend as we go for the weekend. in the traffic center i
east concord 2 1/2 miles, livermore is okay, i expect that could change in the next hour. temperatures are very mild, low cloud deck 400 feet in some spots, very mild, 53 to 60 in oakland. numbers in the 50s and 60s as you head out with the dense fog. by the afternoon around the bay we'll warm through the upper 70s, not stopping there inland highs in the mid 80s look ahead, warmer today, beach weather, wind shift 70 at our coast, mid 70s by wednesday, then we're talking 90s inland and it does continue i'll have the seven-day outlook coming up. >>> fog is the big story thick and it comes up fast, take extra caution. golden gate bridge flowing smoothly four southbound lanes and fog on the span also through marin county in patches very thick. bay bridge moving nicely, fog once you get to the san francisco side mid span fog approaches rapidly. new accident to report, southbound 880 oakland at 23rd truck accident off to the right shoulder no significant slowing. bay bridge fog carquinez bridge thick fog with advisory richmond san rafael bridge with patches of fog. giants game 5:07 expect lo
in livermore valley. that is going to translate into a quicker warm-up today, a few 50s, mainly 60s this afternoon upper 60s coast side to the mid 80s inland we'll keep warmer numbers through the 6, 7:00 hour then drop through the 60s. it going to be a nice day today the heat is on tomorrow and thursday when the flow turns offshore and we've got 70s at our coast, low 90s inland. sue is talking about another accident. >>> new accident. this one this santa clara area northbound 101 near great america parkway, looks like it could be serious three left lanes blocked. north 101 near great america parkway we will be following in your santa clara commute. else wherever south bay north and southbound 280, 85 roadwork until 6 amraam s north and southbound are shutdown for the -- westbound starting to get sluggish out of antioch on your drive towards the pittsburg area. live look at san mateo bridge eastbound headlights towards hayward everybody at the limit westbound up and over highrise towardss to -- towards foster city. crews going out to reconfigure southbound four lanes -- >>> 5:10. >>>
case. a doctor a senior scientist at the lawrence livermore national lab. >> dna matching is the gold standard for identification. but if you don't have any idea who you're trying to match, it doesn't work very well. >> reporter: the doctor says carbon dating can fix that. if you knew the victim's date of birth would you dramatically increase the odds of -- you would dramatically increase the odds of determining who it is. he uses the victim's teeth. >> what our technique does is determine a date of birth from dental enamel plus or minus a couple of years. >> reporter: the sample is loaded into an ionnizing carbon 14 analyzers and ions are shot down this accelerator. the results are compared to a known amount. >> precision for something like that is typically plus or minus one to two years. >> reporter: one local coroner's office we spoke to has nearly 25 cold cases stretching back to the '70s and is very excited. they said this accuracy is unprecedented and might help them solve most all of their cases. when remains are found this lab can help tell quickly who should get the call, th
paragon outlets job fair in livermore. many of them left with what they came for. a job offer. >> i walked in, prepared with a resume', and was offered a bunch of jobs. i walked away with two. >> that's exactly what we love to hear. that's what we're here for. >> the new shopping center will have 120 designer shops and it's set to open november 8. >>> how about this? a bay area city is being called the top turnaround town in america. red-hot home sales are putting oakland on the road it recovery. cbs 5's john ramos on why that could mean good things for the entire country. >> reporter: the most morning indicator of oakland's real estate market is what you don't see here. for sale signs. >> there's not enough homes of up for sale and way too many beyers. the buyers are snapping them up on the market so there's almost nothing for sale. >> reporter: and this realtor says that means multiple offers and higher sale prices. the national association of realtors agrees naming oakland the top turnaround town in america for home prices with sacramento, san jose and san francisco also in the top 5. t
-- wind and we have antioch, livermore downtown oakland, they are still on the warm side. no breeze at all, west at 7, there is a tiny component with that northeast wind. high pressure controls one more day and the little low is spinning a week to 10 days and this week as well. temperatures anywhere from 60s to near 100 degrees cooling trends coast and bay, in fact we will go to the 90s by this upcoming weekend. sunny warm to hot, hot, bayside inland, 69th to 99 degrees, 99 morgan hill, livermore antioch, oakland, 85 in the city, they start to creep back, it looks like a big drop, definitely thursday into friday and a cool and breezy pattern for the next weekend, pam. >>> well the city of richmond is reaching out to chevron for help. what they want in a story you will only see here on 2. >>> plus the supreme court, the three major rulings you could soon see. >>> traffic is moving along well, we will tell you about the bay area commute and the bay area weather. . >>> good morning, skies are mostly clear, no records are expected, and we will have more continuing. >>> the search continues for
the century mark once again. el 86 december go, 91 in livermore around the bay mid-to- upper 70s. pie the end of the day we could pack on another 10 to 12 degrees and today is above yesterday's numbers at this time. so definitely a hot day is in store but we do have a cool down on the way and i will show you the numbers on that and i will bring you your afternoon highs on that. >>> we are prompting another spare the air alert for the bay area. according to bay area quality officials concentration of smog are expected to reach unhealthy levels. to avoid adding to couldn'ts, they want you to cut back on driving and using gas powered tools. >>> they are looking for suspects in an overnight shooting that sent two people to the hospital. shots rang out just before midnight. oakland police say a man and woman were shot when a man opened fire. both victims suffered and the suspects and the motive for the shooting are not yet known. >>> three people were hurt on a freeway shooting on the peninsular. they drove alongside a dodge charger and opened fire. this was about 3:30 in the afternoon. the charge
set back in 1913. 101 livermore. san fransco, hottest y of thyear, 90 gree 98 in redwood still. 94 in san jose and santa cruz, 100 degrees. your question is probably, is this heat going to back off anytime soon? i'll be back with the answer soon. >> terrifying moments for passengers on board an amtrak train headed from oakland to bakersfield. a big rig slammed into a train injuring at least 20 passengers. it a happened in the kings county after the train made a scheduled stop. >> it was shaking and you knew something was wrong. >> that man and 170 others on board felt the impact when a tractor-trailer loaded with cotton debris slammed into train this afternoon. the train kept rolling along the track and then two passenger coaches and locomotive derailed. >> we hit something and the girl across from me flew across the seated into my lap. >> rescuers found pieces of truck inside the train cars, luggage and other items from the train littered the farmland alongside the tracks. >> i seen people with broken arms and broken legs. scratches on their backs. elaborates looking like dirt bal
degrees in livermore, san francisco there is 94 degrees. there is still feeling the steamy weather here in the bay area. temperatures now cooking inln valleys into triple digits there. there is temperatures around the bay there is clear and mild again tonight. there is sharp cooling coming the rest of the week there is hot air mass starting to break apart. and there is a hot pattern that begins to break apart. there are changes starting tomorrow. there is an investigation notice it's clear watch what's happening by afternoon this will bring us relief that we're expecting for wednesday afternoon. there are temperatures tomorrow morning clear skies, mild weather and this is mid-50s to mid-60s, we're expecting temperatures to trend lower, south bay, still warm. 87 cupertino. that is fog returning and daily city, 68 degrees, downtown out of the 90s, almost a 20 degree drop there. north bay, 8. towards east bay, 79 in oakland. 94 in livermore, there is 67 in monterey. accu-weather forecast there is thursday, low 80s. friday, mid to upper 70s inland. there is a slight chance of showers. what
. with the '70s and '80s. as we go for this afternoon just a few areas are in the '90s. livermore, concord and places like morgan hill. you see pleasanton, 90 degrees. expect temperatures to be about 10 degrees cooler compared to what we saw yesterday but another gorgeous day. mid-70s for downtown san francisco. 82 degrees in redwood city. your kron 4 7 day around the bay will continue with that cooling trend and big changes to talk about for the weekend. not only will it be cooler but also cloud coverage. this weekend will introduce a 10 percent chance of rainfall. and the increase as the week progresses. however, let me show you the bridges. no problems around the bay area freeways. checking out the bay bridge still quiet. and traffic is smooth sailing through all the approaches with no metering lights to deal with. westbound looking decent towards foster city. and a live look at the golden gate bridge with no issues of the visibility. just a couple of cars out of marin county. >> thank you. violence continues to escalate in oakland toward yesterday a man was shot and killed marking a fi
. that was coming down outside the giants game. it is a good down pour. heavy rain over interstate 580. livermore, dublin, near antioch and brentwood. as we move into over night we are expecting spotty showers continuing. most of that activity is staying north of the golden gate bridge but we are seeing showers pushing south of the golden gate bridge with snow in the sierra. rain for tomorrow. rain for the world series? game one on wednesday, i will have that forecast, we will time it out coming up. [ cheers and applause ] [ screams ] [ cheers and applause ] >>> nute nute the -- new tonight at 11:00 p.m., the makers of monster drinks are facing a lawsuit. it was filed in california. it claim as teen died from drinking the drinks. the family is suing for failing to warn about the drink's dangers. monster says it is saddened by the death but does not believe they are responsible. the fda received reports of 5 deaths involving monster energy drinks but the fda hasn't established a link in any of the cases. >>> rain off and on throughout the day, continuing at this hour. are we going to see rain wedn
yesterday at this time. 94 degrees right now in livermore. 87 degrees in concord. 79 in oakland. and 89 degrees in san jose. these numbers going to be running well above the average for this time of year. usually, in the 70s and the 80s. today, much above the average. about 100 even in livermore. about 98 in concord. san francisco at about 86 degrees. so hot all the way to the coastline. we do have some big changes coming our way, some much cooler weather, also. we'll have more on that coming up. back to you. >> thank you. >>> the east contra costa fire district has received a federal grant to rehire laid off firefighters and hire even more. the grant is worth nearly $8 million. the district plans to fill 15 firefighting positions that it eliminated over the summer and hire 12 more. the fire chief is searching for qualified applicants and three fire stations that had to close will reopen. >>> the san rafael city council has approved a stronger smoking ordinance. it will ban smoking in all duplexes and multi-family residential units including indoor and outdoor common areas on those prop
, with anywhere from 78 in san jose to 86 in livermore. we're going to talk more about this temperature trend and some big-time changes for your weekend. even our next chance of showers in just a few minutes. >>> 50 minutes and counting. the first debate of the 2012 race for the white house starts at the top of the hour. tonight's theme domestic policy. the 90-minute debate will be divided into six timed segments of approximately 15 minutes each. president obama will get the first question, and mitt romney will get the last word. for the very latest, let's check in with nbc's steve handelsman live at the university of denver. good evening, steve. >> reporter: janelle, thanks. good evening from a suddenly blustery cold denver, where the gold tonight is political substance. when this debate gets started in less than an hour here at the university of denver, moderator jim lehrer will demand the studio audience not boo or hiss or applaud. no distractions, he'll say. so the voters, many, many millions watching from home, will get to concentrate on what these political competitors have to say. more
and 70s all across the bay area. 75 still in live mother. and 6 -- livermore. and 61-degrees in san francisco. so overnight tonight, i mentioned the fog rolling in. yeah, it is going to be pretty thick. especially for the monday morning commute. so just a heads-up could also cause flight delays. temperatures mainly going to be in the mid 50s. so yeah, fog spread out all across the bay. for tomorrow, by the afternoon, the fog will burn off and bring sunshinement specially in the inland spots. plenty of sun there. and temperatures they're going to be warm to hot so it's going to feel mighty toasty in places like livermore and concord into the 80s. 60s and 70s around the coast and bay. so we're watching a low pressure system. it is well north of the bay area. we got high pressure here and it's keeping us high and dry over the next several days. in fact we're kind of beginning a warming trend across the bay area. so if you like 90s? stay tuned for wednesday, thursday, those are probably going to be the hottest days of the workweek. overnight lows we're going see a lot of 50s. 53 in live
. neighborhood, by neighborhood >> it is 75 in livermore and 70's even for the east bay shore. we're same or a 70 degree readings for tomorrow and warm aneven more as we head into saturday. it will be low 80s for a sunday afternoon and there is a big change for early next week. the temperatures will be cooler and we do expect to see rain late tuesday. you can get the latest weather on comcast channel 193. >> traffic on the golden gate bridge >> 13 percent of you stated that you believe that the giants will sweep the tigers. 64% stated that the giants will win at home in six games. that will be next wednesday. 5% stated that the giants will win in seven games. some of you even stated that the tigers will come back and beat the giants. if you would like to see your fan pictures you can take a picture and you can e-mail us at breaking can e-mail us at breaking c# can e-mail us at breaking (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking acco
that the sunrise is here, it is bad, really, really bad, catastrophic for some and livermore is the only one that is clear and there is a dense fog advisory out until 9:00 and it includes everybody on the coast and bay. highs today 60s and 70s, here is sal. >>> traffic on highway 4, that has moved along, south of mt. diablo watch for a motorcycle accident, let's go back to the desk. >>> and they are looking for that deadly situation caused by huricane sandy and as many as 3,000 are being evacuated from bergen new jersey. now they are saying a bermuda overflowed and people have climbed on to their rooftops trying to get away from floodwaters. look as it on as you -- houses away from the jersey shore. they have caed them to be put on alert and this is not causing a public safety risk right now. then there is new york city especially hit hard by the big storm. hurricane force winds caused a facade in the chills i neighborhood and high winds left that, a crane is dangling in midtown manhattan and we are not sure when the subway service will return. >>> a woman was forced to abandon ship in rou
of slow -- 580s there is a little bit of slowed traffic but by the time you reach livermore, it answer out -- it evens out. >>> cloudy overall the temperatures can wait, it is not even moving, this system is slowing down tremendously and that is why the forecast model bridges it in by 5:00 than could be some light rain or drizzle by then. again i think it is too fast. there is a system of that is slowly coming through and there is not enough for me to say let's speed things up. we did one south an advance of this system coming in but where is the rain, we can't pick it up yet, it is close but not there yet and it is a long -- it is a lodge way from getting here. further north better opportunity. it will lift cloudy showers and this is more clouds than anything else and then we get it out of here and it's sunny and warmer for the weekend. >>> we are just moments away from the start of the parade and they are making their way early. >> we will talk about how transit agencies. i just snagged these girls who are headed to get to bart and they just purchased tickets. they are smart ladies beca
in santa rosa and the livermore valley that is going to be getting to the low 80s. and to the east bay with a decent antioch. 70's for the south bay. and low mid 70's for the east bayshore. and it is going to be nice with the 79 degrees in napa. 77 degrees in santa rosa. paid 70's in santa rosa and your full forecast with some pretty hot tubs. first, and is going back to marty. >> giants fans are getting on their game face. it is game no. 1 between the giants and the st. louis cardinals. just after 5:00 p.m. after at&t park. and they put on the finishing touches to the field from the paint to the outdoor cross. everything is ready to go. we heard just waiting for the players with the outdoor-grass-- >> and also, mike pelton. the countdown begins. but giants fever. we are opening up the fall will clear out. it will be the first time the giants returned to at&t park with a comeback against the cincinnati reds. they will play the st. louis cardinals. just one game away from the world series is exciting for fans. to try to win if their second world series in three years. madison baumgartne
and traffic is backed up big time getting into livermore. if you are driving in livermore, 280, there was an earlier crash there. san mateo and come bar ton bridge -- dumbarton bridge look good. the interstate at 280, kind of off to a slow start. you can see in downtown, slow traffic getting around the corner into the west valley. >>> let's go to steve. >> all right, sal. calm, not much of a breeze. there's no howling offshore breeze. if there was, like we had in 1980, then we would have record- setting territory possible today. still, on this date in 1980, name, 106, san francisco, 97, san rafael 107. temperatures warmed up. it was a very cool tent for downtown san francisco. the average high was only 57.7. that's 5 degrees below average. usually in september we get our first rain from the north. haven't seen it yet. only trace. normal is about .25 and 20 days observed of fog. it's very late in the year for fog. today, we're good to go, clear skies, temperatures 45 to 61. san francisco hitting that 49. and then 58 high pressure will start to -- and then high pressure will star
the temperatures close to 100 degrees around livermore and concord. tomorrow likely going to see a hotter day in the bay area. numbers 80s. san francisco to oakland. livermore 100. 97 santa rosa and the other issue is the air quality. if you have asthma or suffer from respiratory issues you want to cut back on outdoor activities especially during the afternoon. the heat and health. we will have more temperatures over 100 degrees tomorrow. you want to stay hydrated. if the poor air quality inland, that will add to respiratory stress, especially if you have asthma. for the elderly children and pets you want to limit time outdoors from 1:00 to 6:00 in the evening. i'm about to show you why. as you see how quickly our temperatures will be soaring tomorrow. 9:00 outside, not too bad, 0s and 80s. by 1:00, almost 100 degrees and the south bay is looking hotter than today. we will let you know how hot things will get in your monday forecast and the changes for next weekend. >> thank you. >>> pg&e is alerting people it will be conducting pipeline tests tomorrow afternoon on the peninsula from 1:00 to
this morning. 62 in oakland. 62 in livermore. by the afternoon, these numbers again going to soar into the triple digits. well above average for this time of year. about 99 in concord. and 86 degrees in the city of san francisco. more on your weather coming up. let's check out the roads with elizabeth. >> we have a pretty average commute shaping up right now. we're starting to see quite a bit of break lights. westbound 580 coming through the pass in livermore. all the way out towards the dublin inter change. we can show you what it looks like. things are moving but those speeds are below 40 miles per hour in a lot of spots. westbound highway 4, a lot of slow traffic here. under 25 minutes per hour as you pass a street. and we start to see some improvement. spare the air day, may have just mentioned this. you are encouraged to use mass transit and everything's been on time this morning. here's another good reason to use mass transit, let's get a check of the bay bridge. no metering lights but should be turned on here within the next five to ten minutes. the delays are growing in th
current conditions. with plenty of 90's and even triple digits and the north bay. with 90's in livermore inland. and antioch. we will keep you approacposted with those afternoon progresses. that is yellow to marshaling a warm start with plenty of nine these by noon. through the north bay and the south bay and notice along the coast temperatures are also pretty warm. '70s and '80s as the go towards the afternoon. and again we will take a look at the hot temperatures in your neighborhood and what can expect cooler weather. >> the team coverage of the bay area heat wave continues. justine you have been all over the bay area. she gives us a picture of what it is like. >> good afternoon. right now, yes it is 102 degrees. 5:02 i kind of like it and as i checked with around the coast and inland some people to also like it hot. >> this dog has bright idea. with a swim at chrisy field. temperatures reached the upper 80s at the coast and people going to the beach to beat the heat. the sun screen. >> in walnut creek they went shopping and the state and the shade and grabbed a drink. >> i think that
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